Used WELCH 1397B-01 #130258 for sale

WELCH 1397B-01
ID: 130258
Pump, 17.7 cfm.
WELCH 1397B-01 is a rotary vane pump designed for a variety of applications. This highly reliable and efficient pump is suitable for use with most industrial liquids, such as solvents, oils, and vapors. It offers low-pressure applications up to 50 PSI of absolute pressure. The pump features a lightweight and durable steel body with a two-stage design. This two-stage design has a strong bearing on the rotors which gives it a long operating life and results in a low pulsation performance. The oil-free design also allows for the use of the pump without needing oil or grease, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. The adjustable vanes made of hard polymeric material allow for the flow rate and differential pressure to be controlled to match the requirements of the system. The simple construction makes 1397B-01 easy to service, maintain and repair. It comes with an optional base plate that can be used to mount the pump onto any flat surface. Moreover, the pump is also CE marked and is compliant with safety requirements for a variety of industrial applications. The pump is designed to operate at relatively low temperatures and noisy environments, making it ideal for applications in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. Additionally, it can also be used in cooling systems, as it is very effective in removing heat. All in all, WELCH 1397B-01 is an efficient and reliable pump, perfect for a variety of applications.
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