Used WELCH 1400 #135750 for sale

ID: 135750
Belt-driven rotary vane pump, 0.9 CFM Inlet: 7/16" tube Exhaust: 3/4 x 20" Power requirements: 115VAC.
WELCH 1400 is a premixed dry-flow vacuum pump designed for a variety of pumping applications. It features a cast iron body, built-in motor, and a direct-drive gearing system for efficient operation and reliable performance. The pump has maximum capacity of 1400 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) and maximum vacuum ratings of up to 26" Hg. Its compact, lightweight design is created for easy installation and portability. WELCH 1400 is self-priming, meaning that it can be started from a dry-run condition or during operation, allowing it to restart after a power failure or air supply interruption. Its field-proven Vane technology ensures sustained performance and long operation life with minimal entrained oil, which can reduce environmental impact. This is combined with redundant seals on both sides of the vane, providing superior sealing and leak protection. 1400 also offers a flexible range of options including a single-stage design and highly sensitive differential-pressure gauge for applications where ultimate performance and accuracy is paramount. Additional features of WELCH 1400 include a low operating temperature of a maximum °C (160 °F) along with an overload and flow sensing protection system for enhanced performance and safety. It is also designed with an overheat protection mechanism which allow for automatic shut off in case of high temperature. This helps to decrease time wasted on maintenance and repair. Finally, 1400 is constructed from high quality stainless steel and aluminum materials, making it compatible with a range of liquids and gasses in a wide-range of temperature, pressure, and viscosity levels. It is also designed to meet Regulation II of the International Maritime Organization and to the requirements of National Marine Standards. In summary, WELCH 1400 is an ideal for pumping applications, providing superior performance and reliable operation.
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