Used WELCH 1400 #135751 for sale

ID: 135751
Belt-driven rotary vane pump, 0.9 CFM Inlet: 7/16" tube Exhaust: 3/4 x 20" Power requirements: 115VAC.
WELCH 1400 is a high-performance rotary vane pump designed to provide pressure-controlled vacuum, blower and compressor operations. It is an ideal choice for applications in chemical processing, analytical instrumentation, and printing, to name a few. This pump has a maximum allowable pumping speed of 1010 l/min. Its power comes from a three-phase, heavy-duty motor rated at 1.5 or 2.2 kW. The rotary vane technology of 1400 is well-known for its fast-acting response, efficiency and reliable performance. The pump's exclusive stainless steel construction has very low vibration and noise levels. Its unique offset shaft is designed to minimize wear and tear on the pump's interior. Its construction also allows for easy access to the oil reservoir, and an efficient heat rejection. WELCH 1400 includes adjustable seal rings within the pump chamber that help maintain an ideal operating temperature. Its exclusive power transmission design and low-speed shafts deliver efficient energy transfer. An oil fill indicator and shutoff help extend the life of the pump, and its design is crafted to minimize the risk of oil leakage. For maintaining optimum pumping pressure and performance, 1400 features a large capacity stepper motor that delivers continuous, highly-accurate control settings. This intuitive system allows for precise settings and quick respond time when working with a variety of materials. It also features a pressure switch for starting and stopping the pump. Additionally, WELCH 1400 is equipped with a number of safety features, such as an automatic oil shutoff, a temperature control system, and pressure relief valves. It is also UL listed, and meets the highest standards for auxiliary pumping in the industry. 1400 is an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial applications that require reliable, consistent, and efficient performance. It offers a quieter motor, high efficiency, and extended service life, making it a sound investment for many commercial and industry jobs.
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