Used WELCH 1400 #161012 for sale

WELCH 1400
ID: 161012
Vacuum pump, .09 CFM Belt drive.
WELCH 1400 is a single-stage, direct-drive rotary-piston pump, designed to effectively transport gases and vapors from one location to another. This pump is ideal for numerous industrial-grade applications and is a popular option for those who require a reliable and effective pump for their needs. 1400 is a self-priming pump that features a rigid, non-metallic diaphragm and a stainless steel stator design. It is rotationally balanced, which helps to minimize wear and prevent long term mechanical problems. This pump also features an external dampening system, which helps to reduce carryover between the pump and its drive motor. The pump is designed to be driven by an electric motor that can handle up to 77 horsepower. The efficiency rating of WELCH 1400 is as high as 84%, providing up to 5.7 bar of continuous pressure while operating at 25 Hz. It is capable of a maximum capacity of over 200 m3/h and can be configured to handle various types of gases, such as standard air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and more. 1400 also incorporates a stainless steel construction with a double seal for increased safety and puncture resistance. It is engineered to be both pressure and vacuum tolerant, allowing for use in a wide range of applications. In terms of safety, WELCH 1400 is equipped with a pressure overload system that shuts down the pump in the event of an overload due to excessive pressure build-up in the system. It also includes a stainless steel check valve, ensuring that no back-flow can occur. Finally, its high-torque motor ensures that the motor remains durable and reliable while operating at full load. 1400 is an ideal pump for many industrial applications due to its efficient design, flexibility, and durability. It is capable of providing reliable and effective gas transfer, while also being safe and economical to operate. Its versatility and reliability have made it a popular choice for a wide range of projects.
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