Used WELCH 1400 #9071346 for sale

ID: 9071346
Mechanical pumps.
WELCH 1400 is a rotary vane vacuum pump that features high-efficiency pumping for a wide variety of pumping requirements. This pump is exceptionally reliable and offers excellent performance in any industrial or medical setting where a steady, controllable vacuum is necessary.Built with heavy-duty components, 1400 is designed to offer long-term dependability and an excellent level of performance. The durable cast iron rotor is securely mounted on a split bearing housing with an integrated thrust bearing, while the drive motor and encased electrical components are securely mounted in a separate NEMA-rated enclosure. The adjustable gas ballast valve allows for the control of backstreaming, while the inlet-guide vanes and built-in check valve minimize the amount of oil in the exhaust. WELCH 1400 has a range of features that make it an ideal choice for laboratory and industrial applications. The design is self-adjusting; the vanes align themselves as the pump rotates, and maintenance is greatly reduced as a result. The accurately machined timing gears reduce pulsations and drive mechanism noise, while the oil sight glass lets users visually monitor the oil flow and operates with a simple twist to replace the pump oil. Additionally, its very low torque allows for an impressive efficiency even when operating at high pressures, making it the preferred choice for vacuum systems. 1400 is designed to provide an unbeatable combination of performance, durability, ease of use, and value. Its rugged design and reliable performance make it ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. This powerful vacuum pump is sure to provide constant and reliable performance no matter the challenge.
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