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WELCH 1402
ID: 135748
Rotary vane pump, 5.6 CFM.
WELCH 1402 is a medium-sized rotary-driven, direct-drive pump typically used in a wide range of industrial and lab settings for transferring liquids, gases, and vapor. It is a well-designed, dependable, and cost-effective device used for pumping high-pressure fluids and reducing their high pressure to a controllable level. The pump's rotary motion is powered by either a pressure/temperature-controlled air or water drive system. Its flow rate is adjustable and easily set with its adjustable speed control, allowing long-term and consistent flow-rate stability. Its design features a lubricated gearbox with superior bearings and a robust, low-wear gear train. The gearbox also has a large oil reservoir that provides effective bearing cooling and protection against possible seizure. 1402 has an efficient, low-friction pump chamber that ensures maximum pumping efficiency with low-flow disturbances and noise levels. Its inlet and outlet ports can also be easily changed if needed, allowing for compatibility with various inlet/outlet designs and requirements. Moreover, the pump operates as a sealless design, meaning that its chamber does not have any seals (such as O-rings or gaskets) that may cause leaks. As a result, it is relatively easy to maintain and requires minimal maintenance. To protect the pump from accidental overheating, it also includes an integrated cooling system consisting of a water jacket and radiators. The water jacket is filled with a cooling medium, such as water or oil, that is capable of dissipating the heat generated by the pump's parts during long-duration operations. The radiators then disperse the remaining heat, allowing the pump to be used safely. In conclusion, WELCH 1402 is a trustworthy and reliable solution for transferring liquids, gases, and vapor. It is highly efficient, durable, and cost-effective. Its design features make it easy to maintain and provide it with superior flow control and cooling capabilities. Its sealless design also allows for reduced maintenance costs and added safety measures.
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