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WELCH 1402
ID: 141910
WELCH 1402 is a dual-stage, direct-drive diaphragm vacuum pump. It consists of two single-stage pumps placed in series, providing higher speed and greater vacuum pressure compared to single-stage models. The dual stages advantageously allow for lower power and noise output requirements, making this pump ideal for applications that require a high-pressure, high-volume gas displacement. 1402 is driven by a standard single-phase, DC motor that is encased in a non-metallic housing. This allows the motor to remain cool and ensures that corrosive particles cannot cause harm to the interior components. The motor is rigidly mounted to a steel shelf, with the shaft and gears being mounted in the middle of the two pumps. This arrangement helps to keep levels of vibration low, thus allowing for quieter operation. The two stages of WELCH 1402 are equipped with robust, high-density diaphragms, which are composed of a nitrile polymer. These diaphragms move rapidly, allowing for a higher volumetric displacement rate than is possible with the single stage pumps. The dual-stage design also helps to reduce the noise output of the pump, helping to make it more viable for applications where noise levels must be kept low. The vacuuming capability of 1402 is enhanced by an integrated oil condensation equipment. This system allows for the pump to be used in an open unit, without the need to constantly manually supply oil to the pump's chambers. This machine also helps to optimize WELCH 1402's performance over long-term usage, allowing it to remain reliable and efficient for many years. 1402 has a wide range of application possibilities and can be utilized for many industries. Its ability to take on both low and high-pressure applications makes it ideal for laboratories, medical, and factory environments. Its low, continuous noise output makes it suitable for office use, providing a quiet alternative to more traditional pumps. With its durable construction, WELCH 1402 is sure to provide years of reliable service.
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