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WELCH 1402
ID: 161013
Vacuum pump, 5.6 CFM Belt drive.
WELCH 1402 is a self-priming, oil-sealed, belt-driven rotary displacement pump used in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. It is capable of producing an extreme vacuum, low sound levels, and is constructed of lightweight materials. 1402 is generally composed of 4 main components; the motor, a belt, the pump, and a oil container. The motor used to power WELCH 1402 is a single phase, 1.8 Horsepower, 1725 rpm, internally cooled motor with a 1/2 in. diameter shaft. An adjustable 2" - 2 ½" long belt is used to transfer torque from the motor to the pump. This belt should be inspected at least once a month and replaced if it shows any signs of wear. 1402 pump itself consists of a die-cast aluminum rotor with a stainless steel vane and chamber plunger. The pump has 8 individual and replaceable vanes that are activated by differential pressure, and is lubricated by a circulating hydrocarbon oil in order to prevent overheating. The orthogonal rotor design allows for low noise and vibration levels, and the extendable oil chamber allows for the addition of oil when needed, without removing the pump from the system. Additionally, WELCH 1402 is self-priming, allowing it to vacuums fluids while also eliminating costly external vacuum systems. The oil container used with 1402 is typically a plastic bottle with a threaded cap. A graduated cylinder is included to measure the oil for refilling the container. The oil should be clean and free from grit, and the container should be regularly inspected for level and condition. Overall WELCH 1402 provides an efficient, compact, and reliable solution for demanding pumping applications. With minimal maintenance and a long operational lifecycle, 1402 proves to be a valuable investment in most industrial settings.
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