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WELCH 1402
ID: 9069019
WELCH 1402 is a positive displacement vacuum pump designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Utilizing a two-stage design and oil-sealed rotary vanes, the pump is capable of reaching a deep vacuum of 25 microns or better. It is constructed with both the rotor and casting made of cast iron and high-grade steel adding to its reliability and durability. The pump is designed with a single inlet port and a dual outlet port. Its direct- drive motor is rated for single-phase operation and can be powered by either 115V or 230V. The motor is efficiently cooled with an enclosed lubrication system and comes with a built-in thermal protection circuit breaker which further contributes to its durability. The two-stage operation of 1402 has built-in features for bypass prevention, which helps to reduce friction and wear on the motor and pump, making it convenient and reliable for long-term use. The pump is easy to install and maintain, requiring only regular oil changes to ensure it is operating correctly. The design of the pump also allows it to be connected to an external source of compressed air which can significantly increase its effectiveness when used in larger systems. It is equipped with several safety features including a mechanical interlock mechanism as well as an exhaust port fitted with flappers to prevent damage or injury due to back pressure. The reliability, performance and ease of use make WELCH 1402 a popular choice for many industrial applications. It is widely used in laboratory settings to produce a deep vacuum and in the food and beverage industry for a variety of purposes. It is also used in various processes such as degassing and bleaching in the manufacturing sector. By offering low maintenance requirements, high-efficiency performance and a long-lasting design, 1402 provides users with a reliable and cost-effective option for many industrial vacuum-related needs.
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