Used WELCH 1403B-01 #130256 for sale

WELCH 1403B-01
ID: 130256
Pump, 3.5 cfm.
WELCH 1403B-01 is a high-performance diaphragm pump designed for critical industrial applications and chemical processing. This model is a versatile and reliable solution for the movement and control of corrosive and sensitive liquids and gasses. This pump is equipped with a non-metallic diaphragm chamber and diaphragm piston that ensure a safe transfer of hazardous liquids and vapors at a variety of pressures and flows. The pump also has a self-cleaning valve that reduces maintenance needs and increases efficiency. The motor for 1403B-01 is a precision-engineered DC brushless motor providing peak performance during continuous operation. This design allows for a reliable performance and long service life. This pump has a speed range of 0 to 700 RPM and a flow range of 0 to 22.3 gallons per minute. Its suction capacity is 6.0 inHg while its discharge pressure can reach up to 35 PSI. WELCH 1403B-01 is designed to handle a variety of liquids and gasses, along with corrosive and sensitive materials. It features a chemical resistant chamber and piston which are designed to prevent pressure buildup and guarantee a safe liquid transfer. This pump also has an extended pressure-enclosed motor protection sleeve along with a liquid-filled chamber for seamless usage. A variety of customization options are available for 1403B-01. The pump design allows for a number of materials that can be selected when constructing or rebuilding the pump, such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, and plastic. The control panel can also be customized to fit customer requirements such as pulsation dampening and auto start/stop. In conclusion, WELCH 1403B-01 is a robust, reliable, and efficient pump that is perfect for transferring corrosive and sensitive liquids and gasses. Its precise motor enables it to maintain an even speed and flow, while its non-metallic diaphragm and piston ensure a safe and pressure-free transfer of materials. The pump's extended protection sleeve and liquid-filled chamber guarantees its durability and longevity, and the availability of customization options make it an ideal solution for industrial applications.
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