Used WELCH 2580C-50 #9096914 for sale

ID: 9096914
Dry pump Displacement: 4.9 m/hr Vacuum: 12 m/bar Inlet connection: 10 mm Tubing Outlet connection: Hose tail Motor power: 0.25 Kw, 240 V, 1 Phase.
WELCH 2580C-50 is a high powered, dry diaphragm vacuum and pressure pump hand-built with reliable high quality components. With advanced technology, the pump incorporates a hollow ASTM grade-4 diaphragm, interior body, and frame made of aluminum alloy. The pump uses an oil-less design driven by a highly efficient 2 HP electric motor that can generate 70 CFM of vacuum power. The pump also features a 1750 RPM thermally protected belt-driven motor with a capability for continuous use and comes equipped with a 50-micron filter to reduce oil contamination. It has a rugged, cast-iron construction and has a maximum operating vacuum pressure of 25 inHg. With a noise level of 79 dB, the 2580C is a relatively quiet and efficient pump, making it the ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial applications. The 2580C is designed with safety relief, purge and regulating valves that can be easily accessed for maintenance purposes and help extend the life of the pump. The regulator allows for precise vacuum or pressure control, and the relief valve protects the pump from over-pressurization. This pump is self-priming and has a 316L stainless steel liquid-filled steel oil indicator to alert users when necessary. With an integrated vacuum and pressure gauge, users can quickly check and adjust operating levels. To protect against drops and bumps, the pump is securely mounted within an ABS plastic case and is IP44 rated for indoor use. The 2580C is ideal for industrial applications requiring high levels of vacuum or pressure power, such as sampling, printing, process cleaning and filtration, as well as many other requirements. The anti-vibration design helps ensure quiet operation, and the heavy-duty 2HP motor can generate a maximum capacity of 33 lpm. Additionally, the pump is compatible with a wide selection of laboratory chemicals.
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