Used WELCH 3102 #9071393 for sale

ID: 9071393
Pump Pump speed: 260 l/s Oil filling: 680 +/- 20 cc.
WELCH 3102 is a medium capacity vacuum pump designed for commercial and industrial applications. It is composed of a durable cast-iron housing, featuring a large diameter base and a ribbed body for maximum strength and rigidity. The components used in the construction of 3102 are designed to provide consistent performance and a long service life, even in harsh environments. The powerful two-stage pump utilizes an oil-lubricated, dual-acting piston design, with a free-floating stainless steel diaphragm to reduce vibration and guard against contamination of the pumping process. The motor used in WELCH 3102 is a continuous-duty motor, with a 3-phase design and an adjustable supply voltage of 100-200 VAC. This pump is capable of generating up to 185 CFM of air-flow, and is equipped with a vacuum gauge for accuracy and speed of measurement. The gas ballast valve is located between the inlet and outlet ports for increased efficiency and reduced oil contamination. 3102 is non-corrosive and suitable for use in environments exposed to temperatures up to 150ºC. It is lightweight, durable and simple to operate, and comes with a full mechanical seal set for complete flexibility in operation. The air-cooled motor features a speed range of 600-3600 RPM, and the Flinger design eliminates the need for additional oil circulation. WELCH 3102 is a reliable pump for a variety of applications, and is designed to meet the demands of today's industrial and commercial environments.
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