Used WELCH 8815 #135746 for sale

ID: 135746
Direct drive rotary vane pump Voltage: 115 VAC.
WELCH 8815 is a high quality and reliable rotary vacuum pump designed to meet the needs of numerous applications across industrial, chemical, academic and research settings. It is the perfect choice for achieving strong and consistent vacuum levels, as well as for removing hazardous and corrosive vapours from the working environment. 8815 is built using a durable, heavy-duty stainless steel housing which is suitable for use in tough working conditions. It features its own built-in lubrication system and an oil-free pumping chamber. This ensures that the pump is easy to maintain and that no vapours are emitted into the atmosphere. The pump can also be used in either manual or automatic control modes, with a range of speed settings, allowing it to accommodate different applications with ease. The pumping heads also feature a carbon bushing, helping to ensure a secure fit, as well as consistent performance. WELCH 8815's oil-sealed rotary mechanism works using a positive-displacement principle to remove gases from the vacuum chamber. It achieves a deep, stable vacuum of 25 microns (or 0.025 mbar) and the internal motor operates at 1200 RPM. This is an optimal speed to produce a reliable evacuation of gas and minimize operating noise. In terms of maintenance, the vacuum oil needs to be checked and replaced periodically to prevent cavitation damage and ensure the pump maintains its full performance level. Thanks to its high quality construction, robust design and strong performance levels, 8815 is a well regarded and popular choice within the vacuum pumping industry. It has been used successfully in many industrial, chemical, academic and research settings, often achieving long-running success and reliable performance.
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