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WELCH 8905
ID: 9069486
Wet pump.
WELCH 8905 is a medium-duty, direct drive rotary vane pump designed for life science and industrial applications. It is suitable for transferring and pumping of low to medium viscosity liquids, volatile and corrosive liquids and light oils. 8905 is a single-stage, positive displacement, lubricated, rotary vane pump. It has a die-cast aluminum housing and is capacitively coupled for low vibration. The vane rotor has a variable circular profile that allows the pump to produce flow rates up to 511 L/min and discharging pressures up to 13100 kPa. WELCH 8905 features a harmonic drive that increases the pump's efficiency and performance. Its integral check valves ensure continuous flow even during sudden pressure differential changes and also prevent backflow. 8905's flow capacity varies from zero to the maximum flow rate based on the inlet pressure. Its high-efficiency motor and low-noise operation make this pump ideal for use in noise-sensitive applications. WELCH 8905 is designed to be maintenance friendly and comes equipped with replaceable shaft seals, needle bearings and wear-resistant vanes. It also features a built-in relief valve for overload protection. The rotary vane can be adjusted to ensure maximum performance and the pump can be easily inspect for cleaning and repairs. 8905 has a range of applications and is suitable for life science applications, industrial oil delivery systems, medical check-up systems, and laboratory testing apparatus. It is also an excellent choice for applications where precise control of the flow rate is necessary. This high-efficiency pump is designed for heavy-duty applications and is ideal for use in both continuous and intermittent operations.
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