Used WHITE KNIGHT AT-100 #9057118 for sale

ID: 9057118
Acid pump.
WHITE KNIGHT AT-100 is an efficient centrifugal pump typically used in residential and commercial settings. It offers superior performance thanks to its advanced features, making it a top pick for pumping liquids and other fluids at high speeds. AT-100 features an innovative, double-suction impeller design that uses both the static and rotational forces of a motor to optimize pumping processes. As a result, this model is capable of achieving far higher efficiency ratings than similarly-sized units from other manufacturers. This design also reduces wear and tear on the motor and helps the pump last longer overall. The pump is constructed with durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors. An oversized mechanical seal is included with the unit and helps ensure that no liquids can escape the pump during the pumping process. Additionally, the shaft of WHITE KNIGHT AT-100 is heat-treated to provide extra durability. The pump also offers several safety features that help protect the motor and its components in the event of a power outage or other emergency. The starting torque is adjustable within the unit, allowing users to tailor the torque to their specific needs. The motor is also balanced to reduce vibration and help prevent wear and tear on the motor's components. The design of the motor makes it easy to access for routine maintenance. The removable cover of the pump allows users to quickly inspect and clean the interior components, helping to maintain the efficient operation of the motor. Overall, AT-100 is an ideal choice for residential and commercial settings due to its superior performance and durable construction. Its innovative double-suction impeller design helps reduce the wear and tear on the motor and extend its lifetime, while its adjustable torque settings and safety features ensure a safe and effective operation. The unit's design also makes it simple to access and maintain. With these features, WHITE KNIGHT AT-100 is the perfect choice for efficient pumping processes.
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