Used WILDEN 01-5230-03 #124249 for sale

ID: 124249
Air operated diaphragm pump Wet material: stainless steel Inlet: 0.25" Outlet: 0.25" Input: 125 psi.
WILDEN 01-5230-03 is a versatile and reliable air-operated diaphragm pump. This is a self-priming pump that is made with a two-stage design, which means it can prime and re-prime liquids and gases. This pump is constructed with a solvent-resistant polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) head to allow for maximum durability and corrosion resistance, even when using abrasive and corrosive media. This product is built with WILDEN revolutionary Advanced Primary Sealing design, which is designed to reduce the time and maintenance needed for cleaning and priming the pump. The pump also features an industry-leading Ultraflo Diaphragm Technology that allows for low priming and maximum efficiency even at the highest vacuum conditions. 01-5230-03 pump is suitable for many industrial processes, such as transferring, dispensing, and dosing liquids and viscous materials. It can be used for agricultural applications, including spraying, transfer, and dosing of chemicals, fertilizers, and emulsions. It is also equipped with a back pressure regulator, which helps protect against pressure surges and cavitation. This industrial pump is designed to resist the most severe process conditions and is designed for long-term performance and reliability. WILDEN 01-5230-03 features an elimination of the metal piston, reducing the weight, making it more cost-effective, and more efficient than a traditional piston pump. 01-5230-03 is a versatile addition to any industrial or agricultural application for its technical advantages. Its robust construction and corrosion resistance features make it ideal for any high-abrasive, corrosive, or viscous application. It's lightweight design and frictionless operation help to reduce the energy and costs associated with operation. It also boasts a long service life while delivering superior performance in demanding environments.
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