Used WILDEN M386510 #124248 for sale

ID: 124248
Air operated diaphragm pumps Wet material: Polypropylene Inlet: 1.5" Outlet: 1.5" Input: 125 psi.
WILDEN M386510 is a heavy-duty Double Diaphragm Air Operated Pumps. It is designed to meet the demanding needs of high-pressure pumping applications in a variety of markets. This pump is constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel and polypropylene, and offers a wide array of features to ensure reliable and efficient operation. M386510 features a unique, double diaphragm design that provides twice the performance of standard double diaphragm pumps. It can handle a wide flow range of up to 61 L/min, as well as working pressures of up to 1 bar, making it ideal for use in industrial and engineering applications. It is also rated for temperatures up to 80°C, ensuring reliable operation in high temperature environments. The pump also features an adjustable pumping chamber, allowing users to customize the pump to meet their desired application. It can be set for high-pressure, low-pressure, or vacuum applications, and there is a choice of several different sizes and materials available. The pumps themselves are lightweight, measuring only 255 mm and weighing only 8.9 kg, allowing for easy transport and installation in tight locations. WILDEN M386510 also features a patented Solex sleeve system, which reduces operational noise and increases energy efficiency when compared to traditional diaphragm pumps. This efficiency translates into lower operating costs, as the pumps require less energy to operate. The pump is also ETL- certified, indicating that it meets industry standards for safety, quality, and reliability. In summary, M386510 is an ideal pump for heavy-duty operations in a variety of industries and applications. It offers superior performance, longevity, and reliability, and the adjustable pumping chamber allows users to customize the pump to suit their needs. It is ETL-certified for quality assurance and backed by WILDEN industry-leading warranty, making it a great choice for any pumping application.
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