Used WORLD ENERGY MC-25SLH #124924 for sale

ID: 124924
Horizontal pump Material: SS HP: 0.5 RPM: 1,720 Power requirements: 200/220V, 60Hz, 3-phase.
WORLD ENERGY MC-25SLH pump is a type of centrifugal pump designed to move large amounts of liquids and other fluids quickly and efficiently. It is mainly used in industrial applications such as power plants, water treatment plants and petrochemical facilities for transferring high pressure and high capacity fluids from one place to another. MC-25SLH has various features that make it effective for such applications. The pump casing and shaft are constructed from durable materials, such as cast iron and stainless steel, to ensure robustness, reliability and longterm use in industrial settings. The pump's shaft is also coated with a corrosion-resistant material that prevents damage in case of overexposure to harsh chemicals. WORLD ENERGY MC-25SLH operates with a single phase electrical motor that is capable of delivering up to 30 Horse Power (HP). The motor's design also reduces noise levels and vibrations, which can be important in industrial settings. Furthermore, it is designed for use with standard voltage ratings and its varying speed setup is adjustable for various applications. The pump is sealed with a mechanical seal to prevent it from leaking, and it includes an inlet diffuser as well as an adjustable impeller to provide maximum efficiency. The efficiency is also improved by the use of a special design for the pump's volute casing that facilitates the flow of the fluid. Finally, MC-25SLH has an external mechanical seal that provides additional protection from abrasive particles. The mechanical seal also helps maintain the pump's healthy condition for long-term operation. In addition, it is designed with a vibration monitor that can detect potential faults in the pump before they become irreparable. All in all, WORLD ENERGY MC-25SLH pump is an efficient and durable piece of equipment for transferring liquids and other fluids from one place to another. It is highly reliable in industrial applications and is built to last with its robust construction and resistance to corrosion. The pump also has features designed for maximum efficiency, such as a mechanical seal and adjustable impeller, as well as a vibration monitor to detect potential faults before they become problematic.
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