Used YAMADA 20BPT #124259 for sale

ID: 124259
Air operated diaphragm pumps Wet material: Teflon Inlet: 1" Outlet: 1" Input: 70 psi.
YAMADA 20BPT pump is a robust and reliable industrial pump designed to move fluids quickly and efficiently through a commercial operating equipment. 20BPT pump is comprised of a robust, cast iron casing and impeller, allowing it to operate reliably in tough environments at high pressures. Its unique design offers excellent suction lift capabilities and efficient power consumption. YAMADA 20BPT pump operates in bi-directional pressure aided pumping, or PP2. The patented PP2 system combines the delivery capabilities of a positive displacement pump with the cavitation and suction lift properties of a rotary vane pump. This unit creates a stable liquid velocity with optimal pumping rates and minimal energy consumption. This pump is driven by a powerful, high-efficiency motor machine that delivers up to 40 Horsepower, with a maximum speed of 3,300 RPM. Its durable construction allows it to handle pressures up to 66 PSI and speeds up to 10 GPM. This pump also features an automatic thermal protection tool which prevents it from overheating, or damaging itself after long-term use. 20BPT is suitable for a wide range of applications including fuel transfer, receiving, loading, and unloading. Its superior flow and pressure restriction capabilities make it well-suited for industrial processes such as hydraulic lifting, liquid flow metering, and welding. Its user-friendly operation and advanced design features make it an ideal solution for both commercial and industrial use. YAMADA 20BPT pump is designed to provide users with reliable and efficient performance. It features durable materials, a low-power requirement, and an advanced built-in thermal protection asset. This pump can be used in any environment and for a variety of applications, meeting the demanding needs of many industries. Whether for industrial or commercial use, 20BPT pump is one of the most versatile and reliable pumps available.
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