Used YAMADA DP-20F #124260 for sale

ID: 124260
Air operated diaphragm pumps Wet material: Hard Teflon Inlet: 0.5" Outlet: 0.5".
YAMADA DP-20F is a high-performance rotary vane air pump designed for industrial, commercial and residential applications. DP-20F is ideal for transferring and pressurizing a variety of fluids such as water, chemicals, gases and other non-corrosive liquids. It features an efficient air-head motor, low noise level and stable performance, along with a selection of ports and sizes for connecting to different sized piping systems. The pump is equipped with a 1.5kW air-head motor which provides up to 1.5 bar air pressure. It can run at up to 200 liters per minute, allowing for rapid material transfer. With a simple design and minimal parts, YAMADA DP-20F is easy to install, operate and maintain. It offers a reliable and safe operation, making it suitable for a variety of applications. DP-20F is constructed with a stainless steel housing for durability and corrosion resistance. The pump also features a carbon-graphite rotor that offers high wear-resistance for longer service life. Additionally, it includes a mechanical oil-lubricated bearing system that ensures smooth rotations with minimal maintenance. The advanced design of YAMADA DP-20F allows for greater flexibility in its installation, allowing for the user to choose the most suitable port and size of connection for their needs. It also comes with a choice of control systems, enabling users to program, monitor and customize their pump's functions. DP-20F can also be equipped with an air filter to protect the pump from unwanted debris and other contaminants, further increasing its longevity. Overall, YAMADA DP-20F is a reliable, easy-to-use and durable pump suitable for both industrial and residential applications. Its advanced features and customizable design make it a dependable choice for almost any application. With its robust construction, efficient motor and selection of ports, DP-20F is the perfect choice for transferring and pressurizing fluids quickly and safely.
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