Used QUORUM TECH / BIO-RAD / POLARON Equipment for sale

QUORUM TECH, a subsidiary of BIO-RAD, is a renowned manufacturer in the field of semiconductor equipment. With a rich history that spans over several decades, QUORUM TECH has established itself as a leader in providing innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry. As a pioneer in the market, BIO-RAD has been a key player in driving advancements in multiple sectors. Their diverse portfolio includes products such as sputtering systems, wafer testing and metrology, etchers/ashers, and more. These cutting-edge products have helped accelerate the development and production process of semiconductors. One of QUORUM TECH's key offerings is their sputtering systems. These systems deliver exceptional control over deposition processes, ensuring precise coating qualities for semiconductor materials. By utilizing advanced techniques, such as magnetron sputtering, QUORUM TECH's sputtering systems enhance efficiency and performance. In addition, QUORUM TECH has developed state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment. These tools enable semiconductor manufacturers to measure and analyze the performance of wafers, ensuring that only the highest quality products are released. With industry-leading accuracy and reliability, QUORUM TECH's testing and metrology solutions help optimize production and minimize defects. Quorum Tech also specializes in etchers and ashers, critical components in the fabrication process. Their etchers utilize etching techniques, such as dry etching, to precisely remove materials from the substrate surface. These etchers are designed to achieve exceptional selectivity and uniformity, ensuring reliable etching results. Additionally, QUORUM TECH's asher systems enable efficient cleaning and removal of organic contaminants from semiconductor components. Overall, QUORUM TECH, a trusted manufacturer within the BIO-RAD family, continues to push the boundaries of semiconductor equipment. Through their innovative products, including sputtering systems, wafer testing and metrology tools, and etchers/ashers, QUORUM TECH strives to meet the evolving demands of the semiconductor industry, ultimately contributing to technological advancements worldwide.