Used HELLER 1912EXL #293656453 for sale

ID: 293656453
Vintage: 2007
Reflow oven 2007 vintage.
HELLER 1912EXL is an electric reflow oven that provides precision soldering and curing of surface mount technology (SMT) components. This machine was designed with user-friendly ergonomic features like its two display controllers that accurately display temperature settings for both top and bottom heaters. It also equipped with efficient air circulation, allowing for uniform, high-speed temperature optimization. HELLER 1912-EXL is built with an energy-saving design to save both energy costs and time. It also features a removable storage drawer that allows users to store a variety of solder materials and components. The most outstanding feature of 1912 EXL is the four-zone heating system that uses multiple layered insulated walls. This highly efficient design allows for optimal temperature regulation in just four stages, with top and bottom heating chambers. The machines can also rapidly achieve maximum temperature in as little as 10 seconds, allowing for efficient operation with minimal setup switching. Furthermore, this oven offers temperature stability throughout the entire process, resulting in superior solder and boards. Additionally, it is the perfect oven to use for multi-layer stacks and dense components as it is able to a achieve peak temperatures of 350°C (662°F). 1912-EXL also provides an array of safety features, including an ergonomic door handle, an enclosure with built-in nozzle filters, and antistatic floor mats. Its ventilation system is built to reduce the risk of combustible materials, and its safety systems are designed to alert the user upon any hazardous temperatures. Additionally, this oven meets all requirements of the ESD-safe handbook. For convenience, 1912EXL also includes a USB port for data transfer, enabling users to control settings, save, and view profiles with ease. Plus, its integrated PC control dramatically enhances precision and quality control. With an intuitive user interface, users can quickly and accurately configure the machine and adjust the settings. Finally, it comes backed by HELLER two-year parts and labor warranty, so you can be sure of its reliability and performance. To summarize, HELLER 1912 EXL is an all-in-one oven designed to provide precision soldering and curing of SMT components. Its energy-saving design, four-zone heating system, and fast response time make it the ideal choice for both simple and complex projects. Its impressive array of safety features and integrated PC control ensures that you can complete tasks with greater reliability and precision.
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