Used NANOMETRICS (Screen Printers) for sale

NANOMETRICS is a leading manufacturer of screen printers that are widely used in various industries for precision printing applications. Their screen printers are known for their superior quality, accuracy, and advanced features. NANOMETRICS' screen printers are designed with advanced technology to provide high-precision printing results. These printers use analogues to accurately transfer ink onto various substrates, ensuring fine lines, sharp edges, and consistent colors. They are capable of printing on a wide range of materials such as PCBs, electronic components, glass, ceramics, and more. One of the key advantages of NANOMETRICS' screen printers is their exceptional level of control and accuracy. These printers offer precise control of speed, pressure, and registration, allowing for consistent and flawless printing results. The advanced vision system integrated into the printers ensures accurate alignment and registration of each print, even on complex patterns. An example of NANOMETRICS' screen printers is the 220NANO model. This model is specifically designed for high-resolution printing applications and offers a range of advanced features. It has a large printing area, user-friendly interface, and advanced settings for precise control. In conclusion, NANOMETRICS' screen printers are highly regarded in the industry for their precision, quality, and advanced features. These printers provide accurate and consistent printing results, making them an ideal choice for businesses in various industries. The 220NANO model is just one example of their extensive range of screen printers.

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