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FMT 4000
ID: 293645764
Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) system DELL Latitude i5 Sub-millimeter spatial resolution: 156 microns Light sources: (4) Laser diodes at 635, 670, 750, 785 nm Filters: four-position excitation filter and emission filter Detectors: TE-cooled back-illuminated high quantum efficiency CCD camera with air assist Power supply: 115-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4/2 A.
PERKIN ELMER FMT 4000 is an advanced spectrometer instrument for research-grade laboratories. It is designed for precision infrared spectroscopy, allowing for detailed analysis of chemical composition without the need for stylistic chemical selection. This device offers high-resolution infrared capability, reaching up to 2 cm−1. Due to its state-of-the-art design, FMT 4000 provides enhanced spectral accuracy and resolution over traditional Fourier transform spectrometers. PERKIN ELMER FMT 4000 generates a spectral range that extends up to 10,000 cm−1 with exceptional performance on a variety of samples. This also includes non-traditional materials, such as water samples and organic molecules. It is provided with a large, crystal clear optical output, allowing precise spectra capture with 48 bit color depth, and advanced simultaneous data averaging that improves the reproducibility of the data. Equipped with a large wavelength range, FMT 4000 has an adjustable, high-performance spectrometer slit that is specifically designed for ultra-precise measurements. Utilizing the powerful access software and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), users are provided with a comprehensive set of analysis and manipulation tools for efficient operation. Through this, you can acquire simultaneous spectra from multiple angles, providing additional depth and variability in the analysis. PERKIN ELMER FMT 4000 is designed for fast and efficient sample scanning, providing real-time monitoring capabilities, and quickly displaying the outcomes. Samples can be automatically and accurately aligned for precision measurements, without the need for multiple attempts or guesswork. It is also capable of providing smart plotting functions, allowing for sophisticated and easy sample comparisons. This advanced instrument is also backed by detailed product support and a wide range of troubleshooting options, providing customers with robust product stability. FMT 4000 is a powerful, high-resolution) spectrometer that provides researchers with the clarity necessary to accurately and accurately analyze their samples.
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