Used PERKIN ELMER Lambda 19 #293652672 for sale

ID: 293652672
UV / VIS / NIR Spectrometer No integrating sphere.
PERKIN ELMER Lambda 19 Spectrophotometer is a reliable, high-performance device designed to measure absorbance and transmittance through the detection of light. It is capable of measuring both visible and ultraviolet (UV) ultraviolet radiation. This allows the user to gain important information about a sample's light-absorbing properties. Lambda 19 uses a monochromator which consists of a light source, a dispersive element and a detector to measure samples. The light source for PERKIN ELMER Lambda 19 is an 8-joule xenon arc lamp that generates light from wavelengths ranging from 190 to 420 nanometres. This allows the device to detect UV radiation in addition to visible light. The dispersive element is a double monochromator which splits the light into the visible and UV wavelength and then selects single-wave lengths. This allows the device to accurately measure the specific wavelength of light required. A detector is used to measure the light that is transmitted through the sample. Lambda 19 has a wide range of features including a user-friendly interface, adjustable wavelengths, automatic spectral scanning and data logging. The interface allows the user to interact with the instrument and select the various settings including wavelength, light intensity and sensitivity. The unit has adjustable wavelengths meaning that the user can select different wavelengths depending on the sample that is being measured. The spectral scanning feature allows the user to capture a full spectrum of light from the sample and the data logging system stores the acquired data for future use. PERKIN ELMER Lambda 19 is also suitable for a variety of applications including measurement of colorimetric tests, biodetection, environmental monitoring, physical chemistry and forensic science. This robust instrument is suitable for use in a range of environments including laboratories, universities and research facilities. Lambda 19 is an accurate, efficient and reliable tool for measuring light absorption and transmittance that is suitable for a wide range of applications. This instrument has been popular in the scientific community due to its user-friendly interface, adjustable wavelengths and automatic spectral scanning.
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