Used SVG / THERMCO / AVIZA Equipment for sale

SVG Thermco AVIZA Corporation is a leading producer and global supplier of high-performance thermal processing equipment for the semiconductor and related industries. With a rich history spanning decades, the company is known for its superior quality and innovative solutions that encompass a wide range of products for the semiconductor manufacturing process. SVG Thermco AVIZA's product lineup includes diffusion furnaces and accessories, reactors, box coaters, and other specialized equipment geared towards the manufacturing of semiconductors. Their diffusion furnaces are designed to fulfill the various needs of wafer processing, such as oxidation, diffusion, and annealing. To complement these furnaces, a comprehensive range of accessories is available to optimize the performance and meet specific requirements. Reactor systems offered by SVG Thermco AVIZA are designed for precise control over chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) processes. These cutting-edge reactors ensure high-quality film deposition and enhance device performance by delivering exceptional uniformity and reproducibility. Box coaters, another flagship product, provide advanced solutions for depositing ultra-thin films onto substrates. These versatile coaters offer superior uniformity and accommodate various deposition techniques, including sputter, thermal, and chemical vapor deposition. Aside from the extensive product range, SVG Thermco AVIZA boasts an impeccable track record, collaborating with leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. The company's commitment to continuous product R&D is a testament to its willingness to adapt and innovate, thereby staying at the forefront of the industry. SVG Thermco AVIZA's legacy has positioned it as a reliable partner for semiconductor process equipment requirements. With its comprehensive range of diffusion furnaces, reactors, and box coaters, the company continues to provide cutting-edge solutions that fuel technology advancements across the semiconductor landscape.