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XTH 225 ST
ID: 293645868
Vintage: 2015
X-Ray system PERKIN ELMER 1621 Detector Type: 16 bit 40 x 40 cm (2,000 x 2,000 active pixels) 200 µm pixels 1 x 1 binnings: 15 fps 2 x 2 binnings: 30 fps Microfocus source gun: Transmission target: Power supply: 180 kV, 10 W 1-2 µ at 3 W W Target Reflection target: Power supply: 225 kV, 225 W 3 µ at 7 W W, Cu, Mo and Ag target Rotating target: Power supply: 225 kV, 450 W 10 µ at 30 W W target 2015 vintage.
NIKON XTH 225 ST is a high-end x-ray imaging equipment from NIKON that has been specifically designed to enable fast and accurate digital x-ray imaging. It is a stationary, table-top system that uses a modern x-ray tube, digital detectors and software to generate high-resolution images of the body. XTH 225 ST has a CsI (cesium iodide) detector adjacent to the x-ray tube that is capable of capturing digital X-ray images at resolutions up to 3072 x 3072 pixels. This high resolution image fidelity provides the user with sharp contrast imaging and the quick image data processing enables a fast image capture, allowing it to be used in both routine and emergency situations. NIKON XTH 225 ST allows users to select up to four filters that automatically adjust the X-ray energy levels to produce the best possible image of a particular anatomy. It also comes with user-friendly software that makes it simple to customize the x-ray parameters for different tissues, including air, soft tissue, fat, and bone. XTH 225 ST also features a built-in Safety Warming Unit and Operator Alert Machine, which alert the user to any possible radiation leakage. Additionally, it is also equipped with a High Intensity Mode that increases imaging speed while still providing a high-quality image. As far as physical characteristics are concerned, NIKON XTH 225 ST is designed to be highly portable and can be easily installed on most tables. It has a lightweight construction and is designed with an ergonomic shape that fits nicely in the hands. The controls are easy to access, and the user interface is intuitive. Overall, XTH 225 ST is an excellent choice for medical facilities that need a high-quality, high-resolution x-ray imaging tool. It is fast and accurate, as well as user-friendly, and is equipped with features that help ensure patient safety and optimal image quality.
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