Used NOVASCAN (Etchers / Ashers) for sale

'NOVASCAN' is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality etcher/ashers that are widely used in various industries. These machines are designed to provide efficient and precise etching and ashing processes for a wide range of materials. The etcher/ashers by 'NOVASCAN' are known for their state-of-the-art features and high performance. They offer several advantages over traditional machines, making them a preferred choice for many professionals. These advantages include advanced control systems, improved process uniformity, reduced maintenance requirements, and enhanced safety features. One of the notable analogues produced by 'NOVASCAN' is the PSDP-UV (Plasma Strip Descum Plasma) etcher/asher. This machine is specifically designed for removing photoresist remnants and plasma descum processes. It offers high etching/ashing rates, excellent uniformity, and exceptional repeatability. The PSDP-UV etcher/asher is widely used in the semiconductor industry, providing superior results in applications such as wafer cleaning, photoresist stripping, and surface conditioning. It is equipped with advanced gas flow management systems, precise temperature control, and automated operation, ensuring precise and reliable performance. Other examples of 'NOVASCAN' etcher/ashers include models for different applications such as plasma cleaning, photoresist ashing, and dielectric etching. These machines provide excellent performance, reliability, and versatility, meeting the diverse requirements of industries like microelectronics, nanotechnology, and research institutions. Overall, 'NOVASCAN' etcher/ashers are known for their cutting-edge technology, advanced features, and excellent performance, making them a trusted choice for professionals in various industries.

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