Used ADVANTEST T 5585 #293654485 for sale

T 5585
ID: 293654485
Vintage: 2004
Tester 2004 vintage.
ADVANTEST T 5585 is a 'final test' equipment that leverages leading-edge testing technology to achieve fast and accurate measurements for high volume manufacturing of semiconductor devices. ADVANTEST T5585 can measure and evaluate a wide range of device performance parameters, including voltage, current, temperature, frequency, life time, memory, etc. It offers outstanding test capability with multi-system sync functions, high precision low-noise transistors and specially designed print samples. T 5585 utilizes FPGA resources to effectively control the unit operations with three-stage frequency sampling, providing exceptional accuracy and a highly flexible user environment. The machine includes an advanced test head and advanced measurement tool to provide high speed and accuracy for both testing and characterization of semiconductor devices. T5585 test asset utilizes a unique interlock model to ensure both safety of its users and reliability of its tests. Advanced safety features reduce potential risks during the equipment operation, such as preventing electrical shocks and eliminating the need for hazardous high-voltage cables, while advanced interlock functions protect the test system from dangerous measurements. ADVANTEST T 5585 offers a variety of test measurement parameters, with all of its eight-channel properties being adjustable to allow for custom measurements and tests. This allows for ultimate flexibility in the characterization of components, circuit operations and other key electrical characteristics. The unit also has the ability to quickly and accurately analyze multiple semiconductor devices on one test board. This is aided by its integrated data acquisition machine, which allows the tool to quickly collect a wide range of data and display them in easy-to-read graphics. Furthermore, the asset also provides improved traceability and reprehensibility, with its test results and history logs maintained by the model software. ADVANTEST T5585 also offers a wide selection of user-friendly tools, such as setup wizards, device analyzer, DUT parameter editor, programming monitor and a multi-window display. The device analyzer is especially helpful in quickly analyzing and comparing the performance of the different semiconductor devices. T 5585 is an advanced final test equipment that provides testers with a highly flexible and accurate testing environment for high volume manufacturing. With its powerful features and capabilities, it is an ideal system for high-end quality control tests and automated device analysis.
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