Used ADVANTEST T 6672 #293652889 for sale

T 6672
ID: 293652889
Vintage: 2001
Tester Reid Ashman -mainpulator HI-FIX (512 pins) Performance board catalog 2001 vintage.
ADVANTEST T 6672 Final Test Equipment is a world leading test solution designed to enable the efficient debugging and functional testing of semiconductor devices at the end of a manufacturing process. This system is based on the latest advancements in test technology, and its on-site application helps ensure that all targeted devices are tested and proven to be fully operational prior to device release. The precise test parameters and integration of PC, automatic test equipment and handler systems enables precise control of all necessary interface and test parameters such as voltage, current and temperature. In time the systems have advanced to the point where it is possible to provide precise measurement and testing capabilities for a wide variety of applications and products. In addition, the systems are designed to be modular and extensible, allowing them to be easily integrated into existing production and factory floor test systems. T 6672 Test Unit's automatic and semiautomatic mode is extremely flexible for nearly any test application. It is powered by an embedded Intel i5 processor, equipped with 8GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The operating machine of choice is Windows 10 Professional, giving users a reliable and efficient work environment. The tool also features a variety of I/O peripherals, such as a digital I/O board, power boards and universal board, to provide a comprehensive resource for testing a variety of products. Using ADVANTEST T 6672 Asset, customers can test a wide variety of semiconductor devices, such as PLCs, ASICs and MCUs with up to 8 levels of consumer testing for fault identification and troubleshooting. This model has both analog and digital capabilities, allowing for the most precise determination of test results. It is also able to perform a wide variety of other tests as well, including optoelectronics, in-circuit tests, and various environmental tests. T 6672 Final Test Equipment has earned a reputation as one of the most versatile and effective solutions on the market meeting the demands of high-volume production and critical product release requirements. With its reliable test performance and a wide range of versatile test capabilities, this system is ideal for a variety of sectors, including automotive, industrial and consumer electronics.
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