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CHROMA is a leading manufacturer of mask and wafer inspection equipment that provide advanced solutions for semiconductor production. Their systems are designed to accurately detect and analyze defects on masks and wafers, ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductor devices. CHROMA's mask inspection units offer analogues to the industry-standard AIMS (Aerial Image Measurement System). These machines use advanced optics and advanced algorithms to scan and inspect photomasks, identifying critical defects such as haze, contamination, and pattern deviation. By providing detailed analysis and feedback, CHROMA's mask inspection tools help improve mask manufacturing processes, resulting in higher mask yield and improved device performance. On the other hand, CHROMA's wafer inspection assets, such as the Model 7936, are designed to perform high-speed, high-resolution inspections on wafers. These models utilize advanced sensors and image analysis algorithms to detect various defects, including particles, scratches, and pattern deviations. The Model 7936, for example, offers a large field of view, high throughput, and excellent sensitivity, making it an ideal solution for wafer defect detection in semiconductor fabrication. The advantages of CHROMA's mask and wafer inspection equipment include their high accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. These systems enable semiconductor manufacturers to meet the demanding quality and yield requirements of advanced semiconductor devices. By providing comprehensive defect detection and analysis capabilities, CHROMA's inspection units help identify and eliminate manufacturing defects, resulting in improved product reliability and performance. Examples of CHROMA's products include the Model 7936 for wafer inspection and various mask inspection machines like the AIMS-analogue models.

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