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Chroma is a renowned manufacturer of advanced testing and measurement solutions, offering a wide range of wafer testing and metrology equipment. These systems are designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of semiconductor wafer testing processes. Chroma's wafer testing units, such as the KGK-CCS3000, integrate cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal performance. These machines provide analogues that enable precise measurements, analysis, and quality assessment of semiconductor wafers. The analogues used in Chroma's testing tools ensure high reliability, accuracy, and repeatability, contributing to improved productivity and reduced production costs. One of the key advantages of Chroma's wafer testing and metrology assets is their comprehensive functionality. These models offer a wide range of features, including wafer-level parametric testing, fault isolation, and analysis capabilities. Additionally, Chroma's equipment can be customized to meet specific customer requirements, providing flexibility and adaptability to different wafer testing processes. Furthermore, Chroma's wafer testing and metrology systems are designed to support advanced technologies, such as 5G, IoT, and AI. This allows semiconductor manufacturers to test and evaluate wafers for a variety of applications, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. The KGK-CCS3000 is a prime example of Chroma's wafer testing units. It offers comprehensive functionalities, including automated wafer handling, high-speed testing, and data analysis. This system is capable of testing a wide range of parameters, such as leakage current, capacitance, resistance, and more. The KGK-CCS3000 ensures accurate testing results and significantly improves the efficiency of wafer testing processes. In conclusion, Chroma's wafer testing and metrology machines are characterized by their advanced technologies, comprehensive functionality, and customization capabilities. These tools, including the KGK-CCS3000, provide semiconductor manufacturers with reliable and accurate wafer testing solutions, contributing to improved productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced product quality.

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