Used RUDOLPH / AUGUST (Mask & Wafer Inspection) for sale

Rudolph Technologies, now known as Rudolph / August, is a renowned manufacturer of mask and wafer inspection systems for the semiconductor industry. Their range of inspection systems includes analogues such as the NSX 105, NSX 95, and NSX 115, each offering unique advantages to meet specific industry requirements. The NSX 105 is designed for advanced mask analysis, offering comprehensive defect detection and classification capabilities. It excels in inspecting advanced node mask technology, ensuring the highest yield and quality control during the manufacturing process. The NSX 95, on the other hand, is known for its superior sensitivity to detect subtle, yield-limiting defects on advanced masks. It utilizes advanced optics and sensors to provide accurate defect detection while minimizing false-positive results. Finally, the NSX 115 is specifically designed for application in logic mask manufacturing. It offers high-speed inspection with exceptional defect sensitivity, making it a popular choice for leading semiconductor foundries and device manufacturers. Overall, Rudolph / August's mask and wafer inspection systems provide advanced capabilities for defect detection, classification, and analysis. Their analogues like the NSX 105, NSX 95, and NSX 115 cater to different industry requirements, offering superior sensitivity, accuracy, and speed, ensuring the highest yield and quality control in the semiconductor manufacturing process.