Used FSI / TEL / TOKYO ELECTRON Antares CX #9234274 for sale

ID: 9234274
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2005
Cryokinetic cleaning system, 12" Main body System resource module (2) Process modules (3) Load ports PC Unit A-Box FFU Cover 2005 vintage.
FSI / TEL / TOKYO ELECTRON Antares CX is an advanced photoresist equipment designed to provide superior performance in lithographic processes. It is an invaluable tool for the microelectronics industry, enabling high-end micro-fabrication of electronic components. FSI Antares CX system is comprised of several components, which work together to expose photoresist materials for high-definition lithography. At the heart of the unit is the Light Emitting Diode (LED) Pattern Generator, which is responsible for generating the high-precision patterns for fabrication. The LED Pattern Generator is driven by user-defined data, allowing it to create numerous different patterns. The LED Pattern Generator is connected to the projection optics assembly, which is responsible for projecting the imaging light onto the photoresist material surface. This optics assembly is designed to uniformly disperse the light across the surface and can be adjusted to disperse different wavelengths. For optimum yield, the photoresist materials should be accurately aligned to the project image. To achieve this, TEL Antares CX machine integrates auto-alignment capability into its design. This enables the tool to automatically align the photoresist material to the projected image, providing consistent results every time. Finally, TOKYO ELECTRON Antares CX asset is designed for maximum speed and efficiency, enabling the projection optics to quickly scan across the photoresist material for faster pattern fabrication. This is achieved by a high-capacity clean room model, which reduces the amount of airborne particles, which improves the quality of the lithography results. In conclusion, Antares CX is a complete photoresist equipment designed to enable superior fabrication of electronic components. It offers dynamic control of the imaging light, auto-alignment capability and a high-capacity clean room system for maximum efficiency.
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