Used VERTEQ GFM-CMP-150M-G2L-E0 Goldfinger #9230733 for sale

ID: 9230733
Megasonic single wafer cleaning system (2) Programming tools Documents.
VERTEQ GFM-CMP-150M-G2L-E0 Goldfinger is a modular photoresist equipment designed for use in the manufacture of microelectronics and other specialized applications. The system features a three-phase power supply, as well as a highly controllable stepper motor, allowing for the precise and repeatable application of resist material to circuit boards and other substrates. The unit's integrated power supply provides up to 150 milli-amperes, at a voltage of between 0 and 30v. This variable voltage machine allows for the generation of smaller resist patterns and higher quality results when compared to other photoresist systems. The design also ensures that, when the voltage is set too high, the resist will not be exposed to excessive heat, which can cause it to yellow. In addition, the modular design of the power supply offers the option of a reverse polarity, which is useful for applications where a positive photoresist is required. The motorized stepper motor of the tool is used for accurate positioning of the resist material. This motor is also capable of precision speed control, allowing for the repeatable application of precise amounts of resist material. The Goldfinger is also equipped with microprocessor-controlled circuitry, allowing users to adjust settings based on their needs. This microprocessor allows for functions such as optimal exposure time calculation, as well as the ability to save and recall program presets. The Goldfinger also includes a 500-micron exposure chamber light source, which offers a consistent, repeatable exposure across the resist layer. This allows users to quickly and accurately develop the patterns and shapes required for use in a variety of applications. Overall, GFM-CMP-150M-G2L-E0 Goldfinger is a highly advanced photoresist asset that offers precision and reliability in the microelectronics and specialized application markets. Its integrated power supply and motorized stepper motor makes repeatable and accurate resist deposition simple and efficient, and its customizable microprocessor settings allows users to create optimal exposure profiles for their specific application needs.
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