Used KIKUSUI IB11 #9168065 for sale

ID: 9168065
Power supply.
KIKUSUI IB11 is a high-performance, low-distortion DC power supply suitable for high-end audio amplifier circuits. It offers a wide operating voltage (up to 75V) and a high output current (up to 11A) in a compact form factor. IB11 utilizes a three-stage power regulation system to ensure a stable output voltage. Firstly, the primary voltage is rectified by the bridge rectifier. Secondly, the power is regulated through a linear voltage regulator. Finally, the power supply is stabilized via a feedback control system. This provides for a very stable output voltage across the range of input voltages. Furthermore, KIKUSUI IB11 features a switched mode power support that enables faster response for dynamic loads with low noise characteristics. The unique asymmetrical short-circuit protection feature of IB11 ensures maximum stability and 10 µs response time in the event of a short circuit. This also minimizes the impact of an overcurrent situation when the load increases significantly. Additionally, KIKUSUI IB11 offers numerous additional protection features including overvoltage, overcurrent, reverse polarity protection, as well as an indicator lamp to display the power supply state. IB11 also offers a bidirectional facility to enable the user to reversedly apply the output power source. In this mode, the excitation pulse generation is very stable with a low ripple at low frequencies. KIKUSUI IB11 is suitable for high-end audio applications and for industrial and scientific use. It is an ideal choice for precision laboratory tests, power generation and overhead line research. Its various protection features and excellent performance characteristics make IB11 an attractive and reliable choice.
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