Used KIKUSUI PAD110-32LA #9163984 for sale

ID: 9163984
Regulated DC power supply.
KIKUSUI PAD110-32LA is a power supply that provides a wide range of precision voltage control. It is designed to output loads up to 110V 32A. This makes it great for high power applications such as laboratory equipment as well as production process or test instruments. Its voltage control capabilities include a range from 0 to 110V, with a voltage precision of 0.1V. This allows for fine-tuned voltage regulation for even the most demanding applications. In addition, the output is low ripple and noise so it will not interfere with delicate processes. PAD110-32LA features two types of monitoring output: analog and digital. The analog output is adjustable and allows the user to monitor the output voltage and curing current. The digital output allows the user to monitor the voltage set point and other parameters such as the output voltage, current, and total power. The power supply can be controlled using a front-panel keypad and display. It is also equipped with standard analog and digital interfaces for remote control and monitoring. This lets you access and control the power supply from a PC or other suitable device. KIKUSUI PAD110-32LA is also equipped with a number of safety features, including overvoltage, short circuit, overcurrent protection, and load discharge protection. This ensures that the outputs are safe and reliable despite bumps or power drops in the system. Finally, PAD110-32LA is CE certified and comes with a 2-year warranty. This ensures that the unit is reliable and its components are of the highest quality. In short, KIKUSUI PAD110-32LA is a powerful, flexible, and reliable power supply that is suitable for a wide range of voltage control and monitoring applications. Its wide range of features and reliable safety features make it a great choice for any demanding application.
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