Used KIKUSUI PAG20-76 #9168066 for sale

ID: 9168066
Power supply Option: AC3.5-3P3M-CC.
KIKUSUI PAG20-76 is a power supply designed for use in a variety of industries, from research and development to laboratories. It offers high precision, high speed, and stable output for a wide range of applications. With a voltage range between 20V and 76V, PAG20-76 is perfect for a variety of uses. KIKUSUI PAG20-76 is equipped with a user-friendly interface, making operation simple and intuitive. It comes with a large 4.5 inch LCD display, which provides comprehensive information about the output status and parameters. The unit also features a back-lit keypad with toggle keys to allow the user to switch between operations quickly and with ease. PAG20-76 has a built-in fan cooling system, to ensure that performance remains consistent and the temperature of the unit is kept at an optimal level. It has a built-in temperature sensing function, which can be used to protect the power supply in case of over-heating. Also included is overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and KIKUSUI PAG20-76 is additionally protected by current limit, temperature and output limiting and over-load protection. The unit is also equipped with transient absorption and inrush current limiting circuitry for a stable and reliable operation. PAG20-76 also offers a host of features designed to reduce downtime and ensure a stable, reliable operation. The unit is EMI/RFI-compliant, meaning it is designed to comply with the latest technical standards for the reduction of electromagnetic interference. Additionally, KIKUSUI PAG20-76 is designed with various signal alarms and outputs, which can be used as indicators of system failure or to troubleshoot when repairs are required. The unit is also designed to be compatible with other power supplies, allowing for increased flexibility with a range of applications. PAG20-76 is a great power supply for a variety of uses, offering high precision, high speed and reliable operation in tough environments. It has comprehensive user-friendly features, built-in fan cooling and a range of protection features, making it a reliable, safe and secure choice for industrial and laboratory applications.
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