Used KIKUSUI PAG60-25 #9168067 for sale

ID: 9168067
Power supplies Option: AC3.5-3P3M-CC.
KIKUSUI PAG60-25 is a high quality, DC programmable power supply manufactured and produced by KIKUSUI Electronics Corporation. This power supply was designed with features that provide excellent performance and reliability. It is well suited for industrial applications and designed with a rugged industrial-grade construction that can stand up to more rigorous use. PAG60-25 offers a wide range of power supply capabilities and has the flexibility to use a range of different inputs. It has an adjustable power range from 0.1 to 60V, as well as a maximum current capacity of 25A. This power supply is also designed to be highly efficient, with a minimum efficiency of over 88% at full load and no more than 0.5% power factor distortion. KIKUSUI PAG60-25 comes with features such as digital display, LED indicators for output voltage and current status, adjustable output voltage, current limit, and power protection circuit to protect against overload and short circuit. It also comes with multiple communication interfaces, such as RS232, Ethernet, and USB, which allows users to easily interface and control it via a computer or other device. These interfaces can also be used to monitor status and logging data for records. PAG60-25 is designed for High Voltage Safety Applications, providing up to 2500V of isolation between the input and the output. This makes connecting this power supply to dangerous high voltage equipment safer, and helps minimize potential user hazards. It is also CE certified and meets EN60335-1 Safety Standard. In addition, KIKUSUI PAG60-25 is IP21 rated for dust and water protection. It is also fan cooled, and is designed to be sufficiently durable with a MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) rated at over 100,000 hours, along with a three-year warranty. In conclusion, PAG60-25 is one of the best power supplies for industrial and safety applications, providing reliable performance, adjustable output voltage, protection circuits, High Voltage isolation, dust and water protection and a long lifespan. It is a great choice for any high-end industrial operation or laboratory.
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