Used KIKUSUI PAN110-10A #9168068 for sale

ID: 9168068
DC Power supply.
KIKUSUI PAN110-10A is an advanced power supply designed to meet a variety of research and laboratory needs. It is a single output, 10-volt, 110-amp power supply designed for use both in and out of the laboratory or research environment. It is capable of providing high voltage, low current output for a wide range of applications including electronic instrumentation, electric motors, generators, and other power sources. PAN110-10A is comprised of several components that work together to fulfill its purpose. It includes an input section, an output section, a diode bridge, and a control section. The input section contains a voltage regulator and an overload protection. The output section contains a constant current source, an electronic load capacity module, as well as current/voltage display modules. The diode bridge is a circuit that allows for current to be either positive or negative, as needed. The control section includes a protection circuit and a power supply monitoring system. KIKUSUI PAN110-10A is capable of providing users with accurate output and feedback according to specific experimental needs. It can provide regulation of both voltage and current, enabling precise measurement and voltage control. It is also switchable between constant current and constant voltage modes. This allows the user to create a customized output configuration that suits their unique requirements. PAN110-10A includes protection features such as overload protection, current limit protection, and short circuit protection. Furthermore, it is capable of monitoring the power source within a range of -3dB to +3dB and is able to provide an alarm if any abnormalities are detected. In conclusion, KIKUSUI PAN110-10A is an efficient and reliable solution for virtually any power supply requirement. Its switchable modes, precise control, and protection features make it an ideal choice for both in and out of the laboratory or research environment. Its rugged construction and reliable performance make it the perfect choice for users looking for accurate and reliable power supply.
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