Used KIKUSUI PAN110-3A #9168069 for sale

ID: 9168069
DC Power supplies.
KIKUSUI PAN110-3A is a three-tier power supply with adjustable voltage levels. It offers the exact voltage for a variety of applications, from simple power for small and medium-sized projects up to more complex needs. With its reliable equipment and industrial grade components, this power supply is designed for precision voltage control and performance over a wide temperature range. The output of PAN110-3A is dc voltage between 0-110 V, with current ratings of 0.005-3.3 A. It offers a built-in output voltage adjustment capability within the range, allowing users to adjust the voltage output in increments of 0.1 V. Its features also include over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage shutoff, and optional constant current functions. KIKUSUI PAN110-3A delivers the highest quality performance in chemical and industrial processes. It has a reverse-current leakage of <1 mA at the highest voltage, and delivers extremely low residual ripple noise. Its high-frequency noise and intense transient responses make it ideal for high-dynamic applications, providing clean and stable power for sensitive use application. PAN110-3A has a wide range of operation temperature from - 10 ℃ to +50 °C, and can be installed flexibly, as it can be vertically or horizontally mounted, tilted, or just hang from a wall. It also has a low audible noise level, and offers a long service life thanks to its built-in input electromagnetic filter. KIKUSUI PAN110-3A is CE and UL certified, compliant with both single phase and two phase inputs. It is compact and lightweight for easy portability, and is certified for safety. This power supply is designed to meet the high demands of today's industrial and laboratory environments, with its superior performance and reliability. It is a great choice for standardizing and replacing multiple power supplies, with its versatile range of voltage levels and features. With its excellent performance and durability, this power supply provides accurate, stable and consistent voltage for professional results.
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