Used KIKUSUI PAN35-20A #9163983 for sale

ID: 9163983
DC Power supply.
KIKUSUI PAN35-20A is a power supply designed to meet the highest industrial and laboratory safety standards. Its single output power delivers 0 to 35V of voltage and 0 to 20A of current, making it an ideal choice for a variety of research and industrial applications. This power supply uses of a switching power converter to convert the input power into the necessary voltage and current that can be used for a range of experiments or applications. This makes it more efficient and a better choice than linear power supplies. It also offers quick response time and a wide range of output settings such as constant voltage or constant current. The front panel of the power supply is very user-friendly and allows for easy modification of the output settings. The safety features of this power supply are excellent. It has built-in over-current and over-voltage protection, as well as surge protection to protect both the device itself and the user. The built-in surge protection ensures that the intended output voltage is not exceeded, preventing damage to the device or the user. The device also features temperature, and overload alarms and built-in electrical cabling to ensure a secure connection between the power source. PAN35-20A is certified to IEC / EN 61010-1 CAT III 300V safety standard, and is compliant with CE, UL and CSA. This makes it an ideal choice for laboratories and applications where safety is of paramount importance. The power supply is also very durable and is designed to last for many years. Overall, KIKUSUI PAN35-20A is a powerful and reliable power supply that offers high quality output and safety features. It is suitable for a variety of research and industrial applications, and is designed to meet the highest safety standards. Its quick response time, wide range of output settings, and intuitive front panel make it easy to use and customize according to the requirements of the application.
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