Used KIKUSUI PAN60-10A #9163982 for sale

ID: 9163982
DC Power supply.
KIKUSUI PAN60-10A is a high-performance programmable AC power supply manufactured by KIKUSUI Electronics. This automated AC power supply is suitable for use in a variety of industrial, academic, and research applications. PAN60-10A offers an output of 0-60V and 0-10A, making it capable of powering almost any electrical or electronic device. Additionally, the power supply features adjustable voltage and current with a display resolution of 0.1V and 0.01A. This higher resolution means that KIKUSUI PAN60-10A is capable of providing very precise and accurate power output. PAN60-10A is protected from over-current and short-circuit operation due to a series of built-in safety features. These features allow users to operate the power supply with utmost confidence and reduce the possibility of equipment damage. KIKUSUI PAN60-10A features a comprehensive control system, allowing users to set voltage/current limits, store up to ten setpoints, and cycle through different values. It also allows users to program complex sequences with up to ten output conditions, and even includes a interface for triggering external devices. The power supply has a storage memory of ten sets, meaning that users can set multiple values according to their individual requirements without having to adjust settings every time. PAN60-10A also has the ability to dynamically display graphical changes on the screen, enabling users to conveniently identify trends and make more efficient decisions. The intuitive design of KIKUSUI PAN60-10A makes it easy to operate, allowing for smooth and safe operation. The power supply also includes a status display that informs users of its condition and enables them to quickly identify any potential faults. In conclusion, PAN60-10A is a highly reliable and advanced AC power supply. Its versatile design and impressive range of features make KIKUSUI PAN60-10A an ideal choice for almost any application. It is easy to operate and backed by comprehensive safety features, allowing users to power their devices with confidence.
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