Used KIKUSUI PAN60-20A #9163981 for sale

ID: 9163981
DC Power supply.
KIKUSUI PAN60-20A is a single-output, programmable power supply designed for optimized monitoring and controlling of DC power systems. It provides a reliable, high-performance source of steady, regulated power for industrial, medical, and automotive applications. PAN60-20A features a 120V~480V AC input voltage, allowing for flexible AC power distribution in various locales. It offers over-volt and under-voltage protection to guard against surges and other voltage irregularities, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. It is equipped with two individually adjustable digital displays and LED warnings, enabling precise real-time monitoring and controlling of output voltage and current. The digital display allows for accurate voltage adjustment up to 0.1V. This makes KIKUSUI PAN60-20A suitable for laboratory testing and developing applications. PAN60-20A also offers a 0-20A adjustable output current, a maximum power-off time of one minute, and an adjustable soft start delay. This allows for gradual, controlled power-on sequences, providing enhanced fail-safe protection for sensitive equipment. It is also equipped with independent short-circuit and over-temperature protection measures, as well as a temperature-controlled, self-cooling fan and multiple wiring terminals for fast, secure installations. KIKUSUI PAN60-20A is designed for reliable, long-term performance. It is housed in a high-durability, heat dissipation design, protecting against dust and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Its sturdy aluminium enclosure is lightweight yet durable, and includes air vents for improved heat dissipation. Overall, PAN60-20A is a reliable, high-performance DC power supply ideal for laboratory testing and other critical applications. Its adjustable voltage and current capabilities, multiple protection functions, and powerful heat dissipation design make it suitable for a range of demanding industrial, medical, and automotive applications.
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