Used KIKUSUI PAN70-15A #9163980 for sale

ID: 9163980
DC Power supplies.
KIKUSUI PAN70-15A is a compact switch-mode power supply, designed with a 15A output current rating and a 0-70V voltage range. The device is equipped with two digital LCD displays, allowing for the visualization of the current and voltage settings, as well as showing the test results. The power supply offers full-protection features to ensure safe operation even during short-circuit conditions. It also has precision voltage and current measurement up to 10mV and 1mA resolution, respectively. Moreover, the device provides 4-wire resistance measurements (RX, RX1, RX2, and RX3) with a broad range of 10 ohms to 1 megohm and 100pF to 3nF output impedance for enhanced performance. PAN70-15A power supply provides several features that make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Firstly, it is equipped with a selection of power factor correction, overvoltage protection and active current limiting, ensuring safe operation even under extreme conditions. Additionally, it features a rising felling rating of ±2%, further improving overall stability. Additionally, this device is based on a high performance switching power converter system, which offers smooth transition between voltage and current settings as well as fast response times. KIKUSUI PAN70-15A power supply is also provided with a comprehensive range of outputs and modes, suitable for different testing needs. It is available in the constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance and pulse current modes, enabling its use for a variety of tests. The device is designed to support a wide range of remote control interfaces, offering both analogue and digital interfaces for communication. Furthermore, the power supply has also been certified for safety standards, ensuring a degree of quality and safety that users can rely on. In summary, PAN70-15A is a versatile switch-mode power supply, designed to meet the general requirements of laboratory and industrial applications. The device offers a 15A output current rating with a 0-70V voltage range and a range of protection features. Additionally, it provides a selection of outputs and modes, as well as remote control interfaces, making the device suitable for a variety of tests.
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