Used KIKUSUI PAS10-35 #9163979 for sale

ID: 9163979
DC Power supply.
KIKUSUI PAS10-35 is a adjustable DC power supply with a wide range of features. It provides an output voltage of up to 1000 V and an output current of up to 35 A. The supply can be adjusted to allow for a high-precision output voltage in the range of 0-1000 V with up to three decimal places of accuracy. It also has three selectionable control modes: constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), and manual mode. The power supply can be operated via the front panel or remotely through GPIB/RS232/USB computer interface interfaces. It also offers a comprehensive range of safety and protection features, which include overvoltage/undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, and thermal assurance. PAS10-35 also features a high-resolution LCD display that shows output voltage, current, and other related settings and parameters. It also offers a range of adjustable settings that can be used to optimize the output for the particular application. These adjustable parameters include: overvoltage set point, current limit, slew rate, over current delay, and slew rate limit. KIKUSUI PAS10-35 also provides excellent performance and stability. The output voltage and current can be adjusted with low temperature coefficient and high precision. The power supply has a built-in fan that keeps the device cool and prevents overheating. It also provides precision current and voltage settings with low THD levels. Overall, PAS10-35 is a high-performance, reliable, and flexible adjustable DC power supply. With its three selectionable control modes, extensive safety features, and adjustable settings, it provides a wide range of features and benefits for a variety of applications.
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