Used KIKUSUI PAS320-1 #9163978 for sale

ID: 9163978
DC Power supplies.
KIKUSUI PAS320-1 power supply is an advanced, digital power supply designed for the most demanding digital industrial applications. It offers the most comprehensive power control flexibility in a single unit. It provides digital control of voltage, current, and resistance with excellent digital accuracy, together with analog feedback outputs for monitoring power delivery. PAS320-1 can easily be controlled through an intuitive LCD interface, providing easy setup and operation. KIKUSUI PAS320-1 has an internal main power supply of up to 320amps (600VAC) and is rated for up to 200A instantaneous current. This audio power supply supports a maximum of 10A output current (at 10 to 49V) and 5A output current (at 50 to 200V). With a wide selection of output voltage and current values, this power supply supports the most challenging DC power requirements. It also offers basic overload protection with its adjustable master current limit feature, a variety of active and passive current limiting, voltage hardware protection against over-voltage, thermal protection, and multiple applications using internal sequencers or analog monitoring techniques. PAS320-1 is technologically advanced, featuring digital-controlled circuitry for precise voltage regulation and quality power delivery. The robust digital control module offers intuitive performance and design features such as: adjustable output voltage precision, adjustable master current limit, adjustable reaction time for instantaneous conditions, dual-channel status monitoring digital display, and diagnostic reporting. This digital power supply from KIKUSUI also comes with an external remote control of up to 4 channels to provide users with additional operational flexibility. This advanced feature ensures that the output voltage/current/resistance can be configured remotely by a single switch, while also allowing a variety of relative parameters to be set. KIKUSUI PAS320-1 is also available with either an optically isolated or USB / RS-232 serial port for direct PC control. The USB & RS-232 serial port gives users direct access to a full suite of programming commands and error diagnostics. This feature provides a superior level of flexibility to the user, allowing for a more efficient and accurate control setup. PAS320-1 power supply is the ideal solution for digital industrial applications. It combines robust, digital control of voltage and current with intuitive analog feedback outputs, allowing for precise power delivery and improved system reliability. Its wide selection of output voltage and current values, as well as its external remote control, USB & RS-232 serial ports, make this power supply the perfect choice for efficient and reliable power supply solutions.
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