Used KIKUSUI PAS40-27 #9163977 for sale

ID: 9163977
DC Power supply.
KIKUSUI PAS40-27 is a high-precision power supply designed to provide precision voltage and current. It is capable of providing direct current (DC) from 0 to 27 volts, and up to 0 to 40 amperes of current. The power supply features auto-current limiting, over-voltage protection, manual and remote control operation, as well as a host of other features. A variety of optional applications can be accessed with the use of an analog outputs option card. PAS40-27 is designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy. It can store and recall up to 15 user-defined set points ensuring that it will meet the needs of a variety of different users. In addition, the power supply includes a digital-volume system which allows for the setting of precise voltages and current levels quickly and easily. KIKUSUI PAS40-27 also includes an integrated temperature sensor. This provides an extra layer of protection from potentially harmful over-temperature conditions which can occur if the unit is overworked or used improperly. With its included cooling fan and thermal sensors, the unit can operate safely and reliably even when running at peak performance. The power supply has a user-friendly front panel with LED display which features the power status, voltage, current, and temperature readings. The intuitive design of the display allows users to easily read settings and accurately monitor the performance of PAS40-27. KIKUSUI PAS40-27 provides a large selection of over-voltage protection features to ensure the safety of the user. These features limit the amount of energy delivered, ensuring that the device will not be damaged by excessive energy. Additionally, the power supply comes with an automatic shut-off feature as an additional safeguard against device damage. The unit is also equipped with an input connection ranging from 85 to 264 volts and an output connection up to 36 amps per channel. The high performance input and output connections make PAS40-27 a great option for a variety of different electrical requirements. In summary, KIKUSUI PAS40-27 is a high precision power supply designed to provide optimum voltage and current with precision. It is equipped with a range of protection features and user-friendly features such as a digital-volume system, LED display, and temperature sensors. It offers a high level of safety as well as dependable performance, making it a great choice for a variety of power supply needs.
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