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ID: 9163976
DC Power supply.
KIKUSUI PAS60-18 is an AC programmable power supply that is ideal for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and research applications. The output voltage range is from 0 to 600V and it is capable of providing continuous power up to 18kVA. It features independent channel control of the voltage and current outputs and its versatile setup design enables the user to optimize their application specific requirements. PAS60-18 features two analog inputs and four digital inputs for external control. The first analog input offers a 0-5V DC range with up to 4 points of control for precise voltage control. The second analog input provides control voltage range of 0-10V DC, which is commonly used for programmable output voltage and programmable current. The four digital inputs provide control of preset voltage, preset current, voltage step, and current limit. The power supply is designed using the latest technology and includes different modes of operation for maximum versatility. It has constant voltage, constant power, constant current, and remote sensing mode for precise control of the outputs. It also provides multi-step control of the output, allowing users to easily switch between different operating modes. KIKUSUI PAS60-18 has integrated metering for monitoring voltage, current, and power. The monitor displays current, voltage, power consumed, and power output in either peak or average values. The device is also compatible with external RS232 serial communication for direct measurement and control from a computer. PAS60-18 offers high-performance containment using a patient-type-specific output protection. It features an integrated, self-adjusting cooling system that ensures uniform temperature distribution and prevents temperature-related damages to components. It is able to provide continuous protection with a detection speed of 3 ms and a response time of 1 ms, making it safe to use for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and research applications. In summary, KIKUSUI PAS60-18 is an advanced AC programmable power supply that offers precision voltage and current control for a wide range of applications. It has high-performance containment for safety and is designed for maximum efficiency. Its versatile setup design coupled with its advanced safety and performance features make it an ideal choice for any precision power requirement.
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