Used KIKUSUI PAS60-6 #9163975 for sale

ID: 9163975
DC Power supplies.
KIKUSUI PAS60-6 is a powerful and reliable AC-DC Power Supply. It is designed for a wide range of applications in electrical, research, laboratory and industrial environments. PAS60-6 is equipped with advanced features that makes it suitable for working with sensitive instruments and components. It features low ripple and noise, adjustable output voltage, independent and remote control functions, over-voltage protection and over-current protection. KIKUSUI PAS60-6 is a high current, programmable AC-DC power supply with a maximum output of 60 A, and a wide output capability of 0 - 6 V. It features built-in programmable voltage and current limit protection to keep your equipment safe from potentially damaging power surges, as well as adjustable output voltage to suit your electronic device's specific requirements. In addition, PAS60-6 has a series of protection measures including over voltage protection, which helps to protect connected instruments and components against over voltage conditions. It also allows the user to define their own over voltage level and shut down KIKUSUI PAS60-6 in the event that it exceeds the individual set limit. The overload protection provided by PAS60-6 limits the current supplied to the output, preventing any potentially damaging situations. Furthermore, KIKUSUI PAS60-6 has built-in short-circuit protection that shuts down the unit should a short-circuit occur. Finally, PAS60-6 can be used in a host of other ways due to its ability to be linked to multiple KIKUSUI PAS60-6 units. It can be used as a single complete power source, in parallel, series and loop control. This makes it a versatile option for various applications. In conclusion, PAS60-6 is a powerful and reliable AC-DC Power Supply that is highly suitable for a large range of electrical, research, laboratory and industrial applications. With advanced features and comprehensive protection mechanisms, KIKUSUI PAS60-6 is an excellent choice for keeping your equipment safe and secure, as well as providing a reliable power source.
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